A strong education opens doors for children and makes more possible for their future. Additionally, our thriving schools attract families and businesses to our district. The past two years have put too much stress and strain on educators and families alike.

Courtney will work to fully fund our public schools and special education programs while working to come up with smart, innovative ideas to ensure our schools retain top teachers and deliver the best education possible.


K-10 runs through the heart of our district, connecting Lawrence, Eudora, De Soto and Lenexa with the Kansas City area. When the state doesn’t maintain our highways that connect our communities, it directly impacts the people who live here, costing them maintenance on their cars, frustrating commutes, and too many replaced tires. Courtney will work to ensure our roads are never left in disrepair due to bad tax policy again.

With Panasonic coming to De Soto, Courtney’s infrastructure experience will help ensure our communities have the resources needed to meet the growth and demands.


It’s time to finally expand Medicaid for the 150,000+ Kansans who need it. The Brownback administration refused to consider Medicaid expansion, which put undue and unnecessary financial pressure on the people of our district.

Courtney will make sure our Kansas tax dollars no longer go to other states with expanded Medicaid access. She’ll ensure more of your tax dollars are working for you and relieve our local hospitals of the burden of those who cannot afford care.

Beyond expanding Medicaid, Courtney believes that health care privacy and reproductive rights should be assured for all women in Kansas. She will be a champion for women’s reproductive freedoms.

Investing in Kansans:

It’s time to bring investment in Kansans to District 117. This means innovative tax incentives for entrepreneurs and main street businesses.

It means reducing the burden of property taxes, so families and people of all ages can afford to live here, and it means bringing good paying jobs to the community, so families can afford to choose to live in our “just right” place for generations to come. 


From large farms to backyard gardens, the people of our district depend on our natural resources for their livelihood and enjoyment. Our district is home to the Kansas River and numerous wonderful parks and natural areas.

As stewards of this planet, we must commit to innovative solutions and tax credits to reward those farmers and businesses helping to preserve our home for future generations. Supporting renewable energy will also cut costs for families of our district while bringing new jobs to the area. 

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